Bindex® was a great success!

The world’s first pocket size diagnozer for osteoporosis, Bindex®, got enthusiastic reception in World Congress on Osteoporosis in Seville Spain, last week (WCO-IOF-ESCEO-SEVILLE 2014).

Key opinion leader medical doctors from over 20 countries including Americas, EU, Africa and Asia were familiarized to Bindex®. ” The feedback was very positive; Bindex is solution for the challenge which is same in all countries, osteoporosis diagnostics is done in large hospitals. With Bindex® you can make diagnostics wherever you are!” says Dr. Ossi Riekkinen, CEO of Bone Index.

The annual cost of osteoporotic bone fractures in EU is about 40 billion euros. One of the largest problems is the accessibility of diagnostics. Today diagnostics is done in large hospitals at special healthcare with large X-ray devices. ”It was great to listen when representatives of industry discussed that this is the future of osteoporosis diagnostics measurements!” says Dr. Riekkinen.

The positive results from Bindex® validation study in US were also published in the Congress. In addition, positive study results showed that Bindex is very useful with other fracture risk factors for treatment decisions.

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