Bone Index – the most promising Nordic Life Science company

Bone Index, has been named the most promising Nordic Life Science company at the industry's largest Nordic conference in Stockholm. Bone Index received a Nordic Stars Award at the Nordic Life Science Days, an event that attracted more than 570 companies from 26 countries.

"This is a great recognition of the unique work that we do every day," says a pleased Ossi Riekkinen, Bone Index's Managing Director.

Bone Index has developed the world's first pocket-sized diagnostic device for osteoporosis. The company's Bindex® device makes it easier to screen patients in need of medication. Osteoporosis causes bones to become fragile and susceptible to fractures. The social costs of osteoporotic fractures in the EU region are estimated at 40 billion euros per year.

"The unique Bindex® device developed by the company identifies patients with osteoporosis quickly and easily. Up to now, the biggest problem has been the low rate of diagnosis, because it has only been possible to examine bone density in hospitals by means of an expensive X-ray scan, which subjects patients to a radiation dose," says the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jussi Holopainen.

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