Bone Index is one of Europe's top new manufacturers of medical devices!

The Finnish company Bone Index was chosen as one of Europe's top new manufacturers of medical devices at the 2015 Healthtech Summit held in Lausanne, Switzerland. The event brought together the leading European and US industry players and investors.

The company has developed the world's first pocket-sized diagnostic device for osteoporosis, Bindex, which helps identify patients in need of medication. Osteoporosis causes bones to become fragile and susceptible to fractures. In Europe, bone fractures caused by osteoporosis cost society an estimated 40 billion euros every year. One of the biggest problems has been the poor availability of diagnostic tests, since bone density scans have been performed in large hospitals with X-ray machines that take up a lot of space.

"Presenting the company and product abroad is really great because we have a very special position in the market. Bindex is the only device that is calibrated to correspond to an X-ray examination done in a large hospital and it's going to revolutionise the market. The other products are more like well being products and the test results are of no value to doctors," says Bone Index's Managing Director, Ossi Riekkinen.

"The USA is the world's biggest medical device market and the next really important step is obtaining sales approval there, which will probably be at the turn of the year. Commercial negotiations with major customers in the USA have already started!" says Chairman of the Bone Index Board, Jussi Holopainen.

For more information: Managing Director Ossi Riekkinen,, +358 50 363 2797

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