The outstanding research results were presented in USA

The research results of the pocket size Bindex device were presented on Sunday 14thof October in the annual meeting of American Society of Bone and Mineral Research in Minneapolis, USA. The results were excellent. Almost 80% of over 50 years old woman were diagnosed with Bindex by using international guidelines. Only 20% of patients needed bone densitometry measurement with X-ray device, axial DXA. The number of Finnish woman in the study was 341.

“At the moment, the skeletal health is investigated in large hospitals with large and expensive X-ray device. Bindex technology is totally new and unique in the world. Extremely light and mobile device will produce new, cost effective and fast methods for patients and medical experts at diagnostics and screening of osteoporosis. Nurse may make the measurement even at home of the patient.” saying Ossi Riekkinen, CEO of Bone Index.

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