The striking results of a Finnish innovation presented in a respected international journal

The internationally respected journal Osteoporosis International has published the results of a study* involving the world's first pocket-sized diagnostic device for osteoporosis, Bindex®, developed by the Kuopio-based medical device manufacturer Bone Index.

In the study, Finnish women aged over 50 belonging to the risk group for osteoporosis were tested for bone mineral density. The study showed that about 70% of the women could have been reliably diagnosed in primary health care with the Bindex device and only 30% would have required further assessment by means of an X-ray-based DXA scan in a hospital. According to the study, Bindex is very suitable for the current osteoporosis management pathway and can be recommended for use in primary health care.

"The article brings out really well our unique position in osteoporosis diagnostics. The article is going to attract a lot of international attention because, with Bindex, a nurse can perform an osteoporosis test even in the patient's home," says Bone Index's Managing Director, Ossi Riekkinen.

In the EU and US, osteoporotic fractures cost society around 60 billion euros every year. One of the biggest problems is the poor availability of diagnostic tests, since bone density scans are mostly performed in large hospitals with DXA X-ray machines that take up a lot of space.

"The article shows well how the international fracture risk calculator (FRAX) and the Bindex test can be used together in identifying patients in need of medication. This is extremely important because an estimated 75% of osteoporosis sufferers are undiagnosed and without the treatment they need," says Professor Heikki Kröger.

For more information: Managing Director Ossi Riekkinen,,

+358 50 363 2797,

Professor Heikki Kröger,, +358 (0)17 172 602

Founded in 2011 and based in Kuopio, Bone Index Finland Ltd specialises in the development of measuring devices for osteoporosis screening and diagnosis.

* Karjalainen et al. "New method for point-of-care osteoporosis screening and diagnostics," Osteoporosis International (in press, 2015). DOI 10.1007/s00198-015-3387-4

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