Validation results of Bindex were presented in Rome

The validation results of Bindex for osteoporosis diagnostics were presented in the European Osteoporosis Meeting (ECCEO-IOF 2013) in Rome. In addition, cost-effectiveness of Bindex in the treatment chain of osteoporosis in Finland was presented.

Almost 70% of 70 years old woman suspected with osteoporosis by primary care medical doctor were diagnosed with fast Bindex measurement. This means that only 30% of the patients under osteoporosis suspicion needs axial DXA measurement in special healthcare. Osteoporosis treatment was recommended for 17% of woman based on Bindex measurement.

The results of cost-effectiveness study revealed that if osteoporosis diagnostics would be transferred from special healthcare to primary healthcare using Bindex, the arrangement would present extremely good benefits in cost effectiveness.

Osteoporosis diagnostics is based on hip and/or spine axial DXA measurement. Peripheral measurement devices can be used for osteoporosis diagnostics only when validated by comparison to axial DXA (International Society for clinical Densitometry (ISCD)).

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