Fractures – Total bonehealth

“The entire Medicare population is a high-risk group”

The Facts

  • The entire Medicare population is a high-risk group for osteoporosis and falls.
  • The annual cost of fractures is over $20 billion in the U.S.(1).
  • Osteoporosis-related bone fractures are responsible for more hospitalizations than heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer combined (1).
  • Osteoporotic fracture is the highest risk factor for a new fracture and therefore we should prevent the first fracture (2)! A prior fracture is associated with an 86% increased risk of any fracture (3).


  • There are several pharmaceutical treatment options available for osteoporosis to help prevent fractures, but these options are only available after osteoporosis diagnosis and/or fracture.
  • Naturally, bone mineral density will decrease significantly with age, but with the correct active lifestyle the patient may achieve even twenty more fracture-free years compared to a sedentary lifestyle (2).
  • To prevent fractures and injuries at the needed level, a personalized, science-based program to build strong bones and great balance as a combination is the most effective.


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